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I want to bring your attention to the #notacosplayer project run by Eddie of Food and Cosplay (facebook, tumblr).

Pretty angry at those photos right? Yeah, me too. The top one is me and six of the other cosplayers are extremely close friends of mine. (I’ve tagged their pages if you click on the photos!)

#notacosplayer is here to tackle the bullying within the cosplay community and especially that from outside. A lot of people, too many people believe that you have to be a thin, white woman with large boobs and an incredibly attractive face to be “allowed” to cosplay, and then what? If you are you’re brandished a slut/whore, a fake geek and only doing it for male attention. Yes there are a small handful of people who do infact cosplay for attention and have no interest in the characters, but for the people with a genuine love of what they’re doing, this is massively hurtful.

Comments like the ones above are received on a daily basis for a lot of cosplayers, whether it be a sly remark from another convention goer, on a facebook page where “well its just a picture on the internet” or some other form of online forum, the comments are read and they’re upsetting.

Cosplayers spend countless hours picking costumes, hunting down where the best place to get them from is or locating the most realistic parts for a costume. They send off designs and reference to commissioners to ensure that their piece is perfect and just how they want it, constantly giving feedback and input on their item. Some other cosplayers spend hours and hours slaving away with cuts and burns to create something they’re proud of and love.

They take a picture and hang it with absolute pride at how awesome they look, how they replicated their favorite character in their own way. They show it to their friends who all say how awesome it is and they share it around.

And for what?

Definitely not for some random person off the internet to feel the need to comment and chip in, ignoring every ounce of effort and accuracy on a costume. Friend, you found this image probably because you’re a fan of what I’m cosplaying from, could you comment on my costume please?
No, straight for the jugular, right in the “you’re not good enough to cosplay because…”

"You’re #notacosplayer because…”

Well I am. And Everyone else who says their a cosplayer is a cosplayer. The rules of cosplay aren’t written on attractiveness or likeness, they’re written on costume play.

So stand proud guys. Bullying will not be tolerated anymore. Share your stories and lets stop this horrible taboo where we never speak about the nasty comments we receive. Its a major part and its driving out incredible members of our community. Negativity won’t be tolerated anymore.

You’re all amazing and incredible and you can do whatever you set your mind to. Don’t let these comments put you off doing that dream character or starting cosplaying. Stand up proud and where that costume, show bullies and negativity that you don’t care…


Holy poop. Over three thousand notes on this…. Just amazed by it.

Thank you for sharing this @pipawolf

Reblogging to signal boost this great project. 

Reblogging.  I think you’re all wonderful and courageous.  I would never have what it takes to put myself out there in costume, and my hat’s off to you all!







The student loan crisis in the United States is spiraling out of control and it might even be worse than you thought! Click through to learn all of the shocking facts about this scary matter.

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WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!? I fucking hate living in America. I literally have no hope of succeeding in anything in this country.

This is why I’m scared of going to college…

There was a guy in my class who literally could have attended any university in the US, but he chose to go to a university nearby to save on money.

This legitimately makes me hate the education system here and wonders why there hasn’t been some sort of report on the suicides this causes. Cause that was my first thought upon reading it, suicide.

And if you die before paying it off, your kids get a nice letter saying “you have to pay these expenses because your late parent tried to get an education in America.”
Land of the finance, home of the debt.

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!
Stages Of A Relationship


Relationships tend to move from one stage to the next without us being aware of it. One minute you’re nervous and excited to see the other person and before you know it you’re acting like an old married couple. Here are the stages of a relationship:


1.    Courtship. This is the wooing stage where you try to win each other’s affections and are trying to impress each other. You aren’t officially a couple yet and you’re both determining whether or not you like each other. The courtship phase is fun and exciting but can also be stressful and nerve-wracking as you try to impress each other and aren’t secure in knowing the other’s feelings towards you.

2.    Honeymoon. The honeymoon phase takes place when you’ve settled into a relationship and have the comfort in knowing that you both like each other and want to be together, but it’s still early enough that you’re having fun and enjoying every moment together.

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I Lost A Friend Today

I know you can’t see this, but i’m sorry. I never wanted for you to feel this way. I sure as hell know I don’t like the way this feels. 

I lost a friend today.

He wasn’t just any friend, he was special to me. I don’t mean in a romantic way, but his presence meant a lot to me. 

In the short time I’ve known him we developed a bond, it was like we just KNEW each other. We were on the same wavelength, enjoyed the same things, often times spoke the same thoughts. Kinda like a dynamic duo. 

In my eyes we were pals. I enjoyed being around you. I never understood why. But i never felt more, not the same way you did. I found you attractive, and i was drawn to being around you more. You were so much fun, so interesting, different. You wanted to make things happen rather than just wait around for someone to tell you the plan. 

We were like leaders. We ran all that shit.

It was cool having someone on my level, someone who wanted to do something with themself, rather than expect the world be handed to them.

You’re strong

I don’t mean in a physical sense, but i mean i know you have what it takes to get through difficult times. You may not believe it. You limit yourself by saying you can only do so much..

I never wanted things to go this far. You can’t expect me to just sacrifice all i have for maybe some comfort that’s closer by. I may be going through struggles in a relationship right now, but that doesn’t mean i’m ready to give up. Not yet, not any time soon. I will sacrifice whatever i need to make this work. I may doubt the way things are right now, i may not be believing in myself as much as i should. 

But me crying a few times a week isn’t your concern. You shouldn’t feel that i’m never going to be happy in my situation and that you’re the answer. The answer doesn’t reside in another person making me happy, it all comes down to me being happy with myself. I’m not improving myself from the inside. I battle with myself every day, i get upset over silly things, i react negatively too quickly rather than hearing things out. I say one thing and do another. I don’t keep the promises i make to myself. I’m a disappointment in myself. It is no other persons job to fix me. Only i can fix me.

I’m selfish, i don’t like taking responsibility, i’m immature  i can’t handle people pointing out my mistakes and personal flaws, i can’t take people raising their voice to me, i hate being wrong, i hate admitting i messed up, i often push the blame from myself, i make excuses, i justify my decisions as i child would, I can’t seem to see the ‘big picture, i have tunnel vision, i feel i’m more important, i hate sharing, i can be possessive  i’m needy, i’m quick to be annoyed and to lose my temper, i can’t handle pain. 

I’m a lot of things.

Sure, i have a lot of positive traits, but everything negative about me is stunting me from growing into a better person. I want to be the best me there can possibly be. 

See, i’m so self focused everything this was supposed to be about became about me. 

The point is, i want you as my friend still. Maybe we can’t handle that right now, just yet. When things settle down, things can be the way they should and if they can’t then i’m sorry we’ll have to forever part ways. 

You may be cutting me off for now and i can deal with that. It’s sure as hell not easy. I’m struggling still to handle this. 

I deserve all the hurtful things you ever decide to throw in my direction. I did this to you. I took advantage of your weakness knowing you’d willfully let me. I put blades within your soul, leaching the very life from you.  I made you feel the way no one should ever feel. I don’t deserve you as a friend.

I’m kind of considering disappearing entirely from everyone. I disrupted the group dynamic. 

I missed you from the second i left the last hug you’ll probably ever give me and walked inside my house. I couldn’t handle that hug a second longer, i was about to break down. The thought of hanging with friends with you there and not even interacting with me at all sounds like the worst possible thing. So to avoid any kind of conflict of people planning things and trying to keep us from being around each other, i’m going to remove myself from the equation to make things easier for you and everyone else.

You’ll be in my thoughts


For now


I started a blog with motivational quotes i have found and ones i have come to me by epiphany. Everything is all on my twitter but i will gradually move everything over to here for those that need the extra “umph’ to stay motivated to reaching their goals :)



faith in humanity restored


faith in humanity restored


Person Leaves Inspirational Quote on 13 Million Dollar Bank Statement
Guys, being a millionaire is easier than having relationships. Obviously.

But i like my relationship :3


Person Leaves Inspirational Quote on 13 Million Dollar Bank Statement

Guys, being a millionaire is easier than having relationships. Obviously.

But i like my relationship :3


O I’ve been seeing people like this way too much lately


I’ve been seeing people like this way too much lately

You can be the very best, that no one ever was

You can be the very best, that no one ever was


Deadpool vs Comikaze Expo 2012


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